Sunday, February 22, 2009

Advanced Clothespin Ornaments

You’ll need:
Wooden Peg Ornaments(not the spring kind)
Small craft sticks(popsicle sticks)
Pipe Cleaners(arms, scarf, hats,
Ribbon(scarf for Snowman and skier, ribbons to hang ornaments from tree)
Acrylic paints(hair, clothes, cheeks)
Black Sharpie(eyes, nose, smile)
Hot glue gun
Any additional needs for your particular craft like:
small pom-poms(snowman, hat pompoms for Santa)
sequins(bottom of ski poles, soldier uniforms, Elvis)
fuzzy hair(angel, Santa beard, Elvis’ chesthair)
small glass beads(jewels)
long glass beads(drumsticks)
wooden spools(drum)
Helpful tips:
Paint everything first to let it dry.
Paint everything before hot glueing anything.
Craft sticks cut easily to make arms.
Cut out felt into shapes.
Santa’s Hat: Cut a cone, hot glue it, then glue a pom-pom
Snowman Hat: A large circle(silver dollar) and a small circle(dime) with a rectangle make Snowman hats.
Pipe cleaners make good hats
Always glue your ribbon on first, then your arms if they are pipecleaners, THEN the felt.
Use Sharpie for eyes instead of googleys. Sharpie doesn’t fall off.
Little Drummer Boys drum should be glued to his body, then glue ribbon(straps) to the drum.
Please feel free to post any questions on the forums or to email me at NinaQ@HappyHousewivesClub.Com if you have any trouble.
And don’t forget to send me your pictures!!!


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