Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ok, ladies, I know it is pretty darned cold out there. In fact we recently lived thru the worst icestorm in the history of our new small town. But can you remember when you were little…with your little face pressed up against the window staring out at the beautiful snow, as it called to you to come out and play…and mama said, “No.” She thought it was too cold, too messy, and she had too many things to do. “But mom” you’d plead, “can we please just make one snowman?” Let’s face it. As children, we idolize our parents. We really only want their approval. The very notion of spending some fun time outside in the snow playing with our moms and dads is enough to make any little one clean their room and eat all of their veggies.
So, I propose that we all bundle up in layers(lots of layers too), and head on outside with our kids to make a snowman, a snowllama, a snowcat, a snowfort, or any of a million ideas that you and your family will come up with. I know its cold…but you aren’t just building a snowman; you’re building memories for your family.

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