Sunday, February 22, 2009

Doctor's Office Snowman craft

Have you ever been left waiting in the little exam room of your doctor’s office and wondered what to do? It is possible that I may have taken a few tongue depressors once or twice while really bored. Turns out, there’s a great Winter craft that you can use them for!!!
7 Tongue Depressors(or jumbo craft sticks)
Craft paint in black and white
Googley eyes(or black markers)
5 rocks, raisins, etc for mouth(balled up black paper works too)
2 five inch pieces of ribbon(or construction paper and string)
Card stock or cardboard(about 3 3/4 inch x 5 inches)-a cereal box works great for this
Orange construction paper for nose(or orange felt)
Start by painting 6 sticks 3/4 white and 1/4 black. Paint the last stick black.
Once the sticks are dry, glue them to the card stock(card board) side by side, then lay the black stick across the top. It should look like a top hat. Then glue a piece of your ribbon across the hat. Next, glue your eyes, nose and mouth on. Last, hot glue the other piece of ribbon to the back of the snowman, so he can hang.

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