Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fruit Kabobs made by your kids

This week’s easy kid snack is perfect for all ages and all kids (even the picky ones).

cubed cheese
any fruit cut into cubes
any small round fruit like berries and grapes
any other small foods-mini Nilla wafers, pretzel twists, Triscuits, etc
Wood skewers(which can be washed and re-used)

Give your kids a butter knife and let them cut the cheese and fruit into pieces. For little bitties, cut the pieces for them and let them build the kabobs. To make the kabobs, teach them how to hold their hands to avoid stabbing themselves! Let them make only as many as your family will eat because you don’t want browning fruit later. Put the leftovers in sealable containers to make again tomorrow. Bon Appetit!

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