Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cookie Decorating Party

This weeks Family Fun is mighty tasty, so you’ll want to get the whole family involved.
In fact, this is something that you can plan ahead for and have the whole family do on Christmas Day.
Start by pre-making a a few dozen sugar cookies ahead of time. You can find a few great recipes on Robyn’s Cooking page. If you have extra time, let the kiddos help with baking the cookies.
Now, the family fun part.
Stock up on frosting and icing, or you can always make your own. Then load up on toppings, sprinkles, candies, etc.
Spread a washable tablecloth across your diningroom table, and set up stations all the way down. Each place should have its own icings, toppings, and tools such as spoons, butterknives, napkins.When you start to decorate your cookies, remember that you are making memories and NOT entering a baking contest. So, let your kids go wild and decorate however they like. And let your husband eat as many as he wants!

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