Sunday, February 22, 2009

Turkey Apples

This week, we honor the Turkey!!!To make this silly fun food, you’ll need:
1 red apple
1 large stuffed olive
a small bag of raisins or craisins
5 small marshmallows
6 wooden toothpicks
Place your apple on its side, and insert 5 toothpicks along the larger bottom of the apples. This will be the feather spray. Squeeze craisins(or raisins) on to the toothpicks until you have just enough room for one marshmallow. For the head and neck, place craisins halfway up the toothpick on the skinnier top of the apple. Then pull the pimento part of the way out of the olive, and stick the olive onto the end of the “neck” toothpick. For eyes, you can either use cloves(not us!) or you can cut an “x” with a sharp knife for each eye. Now, enjoy you turkey!

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