Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oooh, our own Time Capsule?

Have you ever looked for buried treasure? Do your children like to dig for ancient secrets? This New Year’s, let’s make a “Time Capsule” for our families. This is a low cost and simple way to honor the past year and look forward to 2009.
First thing you’ll need is an empty tennis ball container. If you don’t have one, call the local tennis club(or country club with tennis courts) and ask for a few of them. They are a sturdy plastic, a good size for a time capsule, and cheap enough that you can make as many time capsules as kids are in your family. Or of course, you can make one family time capsule.
Once you have your tennis ball containers cleaned of labels and such, begin filling them. (You can let the kids decorate the containers before filling them to teach them about decomposition!) You should include one photo per person or photos that include multiple family members, hand-written messages from each person about important personal happenings in 2008, any important news stories from the past twelve months and any small mementos that will fit. Little bitties will want to put a toy or two in there, so make sure it isn’t a super special toy first! The last thing you’ll want to include is what you are thankful for in 2008 and what you’d like to improve about yourselves in 2009. Put all of these on one sheet of paper to represent the solidarity of your family.
Now, the burying.
You’ll need a family cartographer, a hole digger, a capsule placer, a hole coverer, and any other jobs you’ll need to cover all of your kids. Draw a detailed map of exactly where you’ll be placing your capsule to guarantee that you can find it next year. Include cardinal directions, number of paces from your backdoor, identifying landmarks in your backyard, etc. Be sure your children(and you and your husband) take turns in the burying of your capsule.
And finally, snap a lot of photos of this activity. It will be a special memory for your entire family.


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