Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Hide-n-Seek

Ok, ok, I get it now. At first, I thought 40 degrees was cold. Then I moved a bit north and started to think maybe I could handle the cold, right? HA! So, now I see that single digits and even colder are just plain cruel for us mamas with little kids. They can go play in sunny winter weather in safe temps, but -10 is still -10 no matter how brightly the sun shines. And let’s face it; we love the little darlings, but we need a break when we are all cooped up trying to survive till the Spring arrives. Yes, I am counting the days till then. It’s March 20th in case you wondered.
So, what to do? We have kids who are bored and restless. They need an activity, and we need some time to ourselves. How about an old-fashioned game of “Hide-and-Seek”? Yes, I am serious. If you have ever truly needed a break from the neediness that may come with children, you know that even 5 and 10 minute spurts of alone time can be a refreshing recharge.
So, set some guidelines and rules.
1. Set boundaries. No one is allowed outside or int he garage.
2. Each person has to rotate being the seeker.
3. The game can become how long it takes to find the whole family. Use a timer.

And in case you didn’t think of this, kids won’t catch on to you and your hubby “hiding together” for about 8 rounds of “Hide-and-Seek!

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