Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's Make a Nature Collage

This is the perfect craft to go with any sort of nature walk or hike.Before the walk, be sure you have clear contact paper and hard white stock or posterboard.
During your hike/walk, collect any treasures you find.
When you get home, spread everything out on a white bedsheet(makes it easier to see the treasures), and choose what each person would like in their collage. Then cut your white stock and your clear contact paper in your desired shape. A big leaf shape would look cool, but squares and rectangles also look great hanging on the wall. Next, peel off your contact paper backing and place something heavy on each corner to hold the paper down. Now arrange your collection of leaves, sticks, moss, etc on your contact paper. Now put your white paper on the back of it. Last, punch a hole in the top and put a ribbon thru it to hang.

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