Sunday, February 22, 2009

Take a Hike!

When was the last time you just enjoyed being outside? Do you stop and smell the pinecones? Is life spinning by in a hurry of planning and cleaning, volunteering and organizing?
If you are one of those moms who wants to have a perfect house, I challenge you to consider the memories you are building for your children. Will they remember the sparkle on the diningroom floors, or will they laugh about the times you all went hiking and stepped in deer poop?
This past weekend I was really sick. But our family time was going to be a hike. We’ve done it before, and it is always a hit. We’ve even gotten to the point that we take our out of town company on our hikes too! Oh, and in case the word “hike” is intimidating, taking a “nature walk” is just as cool for kids! In fact, as long as you call it a “hike”, they’ll love it.
So, here’s what to do:Call your local tourism bureau and get a listing of any hiking trails in your immediate area. Pack a snack, some water, and a change of clothes(just in case) to leave in the car. Then dress in layers, throw on your “play shoes”, toss the camera in your car, and GO! Be sure to plan a good solid hour for the actual walk. It doesn’t really matter how far you go as long as you take your time. The beauty of a hike is slowing down and showing each other all the cool things you find, not how much ground you walk.

And if you and your family are already into hiking, how about stepping it up a notch and making a scavenger hunt list of items for each of you to find. Just bring some disposable grocery bags, and you can compare treasures as you find them!Remember that this time you have with your family is NOW. You cannot get it back. The house can wait, your children can’t.


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