Sunday, February 22, 2009

We are making Homemade Beignets...Yummy!

This is a derivative of a French pastry/treat that is super easy for the kids and budget-friendly for the moms. Its a great snack for a cold, snowy day.

vegetable oil for frying
one can of low-cost regular biscuits
powdered sugar

Directions:Fill a pot halfway with oil, bring to medium-high heat. Or, you can use an electric frier like a “Fry Daddy”. Let the kids open the biscuits, then separate each biscuit and cut in half(or quarters). They can use a butterknife to do this. After cutting your biscuits, have the kids flatten them with the heel of the hand. This step is necessary or the biscuits won’t “flip” in the oil. Next, gently place the biscuits in the oil. Only put as many as will fit when they float up. Watch the edges of the biscuits to see when they begin to brown. It takes just a few minutes if the grease is the right temperature. Flip them when they turn a nice golden brown(see photos). Let the other side fry, then take them out and drain on newspaper. I do all frying and flipping, but the kids can do everything else. Finally, put the warm beignets into a paperbag or sealable container(not a plastic bag), pour some powdered sugar in, and shake. When the beignets are covered, they are ready to eat.Enjoy!


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