Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pumpkin Seed Art

This week’s craft is super cheap, super fun, and limited only by your children’s imaginations. It is super for ALL ages, and you may want in on the action too.
Pumpkins seeds(that are already dried out)
White glue
Aluminum foil
Paint Paper
First, you’ll have to draw your design on a sheet of paper. Be sure that the chosen image will “fit” the seeds; you don’t want any teensy details.
Next, paint your seeds(front and back) the colors you’ll need for your art work. If you do a pumpkin, you’ll need orange, green, black, etc. As you paint your seeds, place them on the foil to dry. They won’t stick to the foil.
While you are waiting for your seeds to dry, go have a fun Halloween snack!
Next, glue your seeds to your paper and let dry! It’s as easy as that.
And remember that you can be as artistic as you like.

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